Budget Hotels in Calamba, Laguna

I recently helped out on a forum for someone coming to visit Calamba, Laguna.  For those that don’t know, Calamba is a city in Laguna, about 40kms south of Metro Manila.  It is based at the base of Mount Makiling, an extinct volcano.  The city itself describes itself as the Silicon valley of the Philippines, the Detroit of Philippines and the Hot Spring capital of the Philippines.

A lot of claims, but based on the fact that the economy in the city is dominated by the car assembly plants, the semi conductor manufacturing and electronics industries and the huge number of small hot spring “resorts” which line the base of the ex volcano.

I have put “resorts” in paraenthis, as they are more small houses with a pool in the main part, but a number of them act as normal hotels.  These are easily findable via Tripadvisor or Agoda, so I won’t go into them here (one that isn’t on either though is 88HotSpring resort, which is by far the nicest in the area).  Harder to find on the ‘net are the budget options, which do exist…. here is a quick breakdown of what I have:


A brand new hotel in the center of Calamba, right next to the main bus station (there is a few bus stations in Calamba!), and across the road from SM Calamba.  This is self described as a ‘walk in hotel’, otherwise known as a short stay motel.  It is on par with the Sogo chain.

Bear in mind it is brand new and doesn’t yet appear on the hotel list on the astrotel website.  Their facebook page confirms their existence, so if you want to contact them this seems the best way to do so.


Green Glass Hotel:

A few minutes walk from SM Calamba (see map above) and the main bus station, this describes itself as a ’boutique hotel’.  The website is helpful and their rates are reasonable.

Star Andrea Motel:

A little further along the national highway, heading for Los Banos and the hotspring resort area of Calamba is The Star Andrea motel.  It is also next to the bar area.  You can contact them on 49 545 1185.

Garden Inn:


Located on the national highway, 5-10mins on a jeepney from the Crossing area (SM and bus station).  This is one of the resort hotels, which also has simple individual rooms for rent.  It is well serviced by buses from Manila and Jeepneys on the Calamba – Sta Cruz route.  Contact them on 0922 850 3439 or garden.inn.resort@gmail.com.  Their facebook page is here.

You can find a map for them here.

Joy Hotel (thanks KS!)

Can be found down an alley behind the Greenstar bus terminal (buses to Alabang), which is opposite the Chinabank on the Crossing – Los Banos road, just before the back entrance to SM Calamba.  Map is here

Description listed on Wikimapia as follows;

Joy Hotel is an economy hotel which offers fan rooms and aircon rooms at affordable rates. It offers free wifi access. The hotel employees are polite and accommodating. You can call 0921-259-4813 for room availability.

Castle Rock Inn (thanks KS!)

We have seen the signs, and google turns up some hits, but we are unsure if this still operates and we have no other information.  This is the approximate location, right next to the Star Andrea.


Do you know any other budget hotels in Calamba – leave details in the comments below and we’ll add!


2 responses to “Budget Hotels in Calamba, Laguna

  1. Castle Rock Inn which is quite near (walking distance) from Star Andrea Inn.

    Also, Joy Hotel, at an alley beside Greenstar bus terminal.

    Then there’s also Riverview, right past the bridge connecting Crossing to Parian.

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